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Cover to Cover - Johns Gospel

Miracles are a common feature of Jesus' ministry in the first three Gospels. Why then does John record only seven? John himself tells us that he selected these in roder to promote faith in his readers, 'that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ,

Cover to Cover - Mark

Through this study guide you can explore the character of Christ and realise a new intimacy in your relationship with jesus. Follow the life of the Son of God made flesh and learn how to live as He lived and love as He Loved. The Study consists of 7

Cover to Cover - Revelation 1-3

Christ's call to the Church In His letters to the seven churches of Asia, Christ reveals His will for His people at all times and in all places. The book of Revelation is from Jesus and about Jesus. John Houghton shows us how, amidst the dramatic

Cover to Cover - Revelation 4 - 22

Subtitled 'The Lamb wins - Christ's final victory', this study takes us beyond the sometimes-confusing symbolism of Revelation to the apocalyptic truth beyond. As the text tells us, the grand theme of this final book of the Bible is nothing less than

EDWJ for new Christians

If you are new to the Christian faith, this booklet is for you to encourage, challenge, teach and inspire you in your first steps on your journey with God.

Fresh Vision of God EDWJ

This pocket-sized devotional book comprises a compilation of 365 reflections taken from Every Day With Jesus. Daily readings are drawn from past issues.

God's Plan for Your Wellbeing

This church series from Dave Smith brilliantly highlights the overview of the Bible when it comes to wellbeing, looking at: Perfect Wellbeing (the first human beings made in the image of God) Lost Wellbeing (humanity turning their backs on God) Promi

Highway Code for Marriage

Are you about to get married? Thinking of giving up on your marriage? Wanting to make your marriage even better? Michael and Hilary Perrott have poured all their wisdom and experience into a book that will help you build, or rebuild, a sure......