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Basic Steps The of Bible Study

Beloved Bible teacher Kay Arthur has long taught the inductive study method, which has helped millions of people enjoy discovering the truths of God’s Word for themselves. This guide is a great place to start learning how to study your Bible in a ...

Battlefield of the mind

Our actions are a direct result of our thoughts. If we have a negative mind, we will have a negative life. If, on the other hand, we renew our mind according to God's Word, we will prove out "the good and acceptable and perfect will of God" for our..

Be - 365 Devotions

A 365 devotional that encourages women to live all out for Jesus in the midst of their busy lives. Jesus gave us the greatest love of all. We are called not just to keep it to ourselves, but to overflow with that love to others. But how can we really

Be as Amazing as God Made You

Be as amazing as God made you! God's amazing creatures remind us of just how special we are. Touch and feel his incredible creations in this sweet book, perfect to read together. Content Benefits: Children will enjoy reading the funny rhymes and look

Be Still

In this practical, easy-to-read guide, Brian Heasley explores the multitude of rhythms of Christian prayer and devotion available to every believer. From memorizing scripture and prayer running to noticing beauty everywhere, he demonstrates how we do

Be True to Yourself

Our culture tells us that the way to be happy is to "be true to yourself". It’s posted on social media, promoted in adverts, taught in schools and, even, expressed in churches. But what does that mean, and does it actually work? Matt Fuller explores

Be victorious

When Jesus was tested in the wilderness, a significant part of the enemy's challenge was to tempt Him to doubt God's word and question His own identity.
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Bear that nobody wanted, The

The King of the Forest is coming to visit! Fox and the cubs are very excited. But throughout the day, Fox has other visitors, all in need of food and friendship. Will the King ever come – and will Fox have ANYTHING left to offer? Inspired by the Par

Beastly Bible stories 2 good the bad and

The good, the bad and the deadly So you think the Bible is boring? Think again! You may knows lots of friendly Bible tales about animals, angels and the baby Jesus – but that’s only half the story. These books are full of the blood, guts and ...

Beautiful World

Being inspired by our beautiful world is a great way to start to build the foundations of faith in your little ones as you discover God together. Expanding on the scriptures featured in the Beautiful World DVD, this devotional offers your family ....

Beauty of Spiritual Language, The

Jack Hayford's approach to speaking in tongues doesn't fit the stereotype. Revised and expanded with new content. People often think speaking in tongues is either gibberish or emotional exuberance. They think it is strange, dramatic, or sometime

Becoming a welcoming Church

Most church members don't see their churches clearly. In almost all of Thom Rainer's consultations, church members perceive their church to be friendly. But as he surveyed guests, he found that the guests typically saw church members as unfriendly...

Beginner's Bible - new edition

Updated 3D artwork gives this firm favourite a new lease of life, with a more modern and vibrant feel. First created to tell favourite Bible stories in language children could easily understand.

Beginner's Bible New Testament

An exciting introduction to the New Testament! Introduce your little one to the New Testament with this easy-to-read storybook in the popular Beginner’s Bible style. All of the classic New Testament stories, with colourful illustrations.

Being Baptised

Revised and updated edition. This invaluable book is for anyone considering baptism, or leading preparation classes. A practical handbook giving a comprehensive, down to earth explanation of the meaning, biblical basis, and spiritual dimension .....

Believe and be baptised

Baptism is an important experience in the life of a growing Christian. It’s the way that we publicly show that we follow Jesus. In this popular handbook, experienced evangelist Victor Jack explains from the Bible that baptism is a response .....