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How to order a book through our Green Pastures page on

In your web browser navigate to (note: underscore between 'store' and 'locator')

Enter ‘Dereham’ in the Address Search box (left of page). ‘Green Pastures (Dereham)’ should now be at the top of the list of shops in the scheme.

Click on Choose Bookshop under Green Pastures (Dereham) to take you to our Bookshop page.

To search for and/or buy a book through Green Pastures, enter the book title or author in the Search Box (top middle).

Click on the desired book to see if it’s available AVAILABLE (you can order) X BACKORDER (not available for immediate purchase).

If AVAILABLE, Click on Add to Basket and proceed to the checkout in the usual way for online purchases.

Please note: Your order will be fulfilled by a large national book distributor and Green Pastures will earn commission on your purchase. Thank you.