Children's Lent and Easter

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Easter Story, The

“This is the most important story ever told. Although it’s very sad at times it’s also the happiest story. That’s because it’s true!” J.John's The Easter Story is a simply told, easy to understand retelling of the Good News of Easter. As with J.John'

First Easter

Each little paperback Bible story in the series is retold in about 500 words with bright and cheerful pictures. The full series comprises from the Old Testament: God Makes the World (9780745963549) Noah and the Flood(9780745963556) Moses and the Pri

First Easter, The

A lovely introduction to the events of the First Easter for children. Who told people that God loved them? Who died on a cross? What happened on the First Easter Day? Find out the answers by reading these timeless stories from the Bible, and learn ab

Garden, the curtain and the cross, The

2 pages of colouring, puzzles, mazes and activities for children. Use alongside The Garden, the Curtain & the Cross to discover the story of the whole Bible. Awesome present for parents, godchildren, and anyone who can hold a pencil/crayon/paintbrush

Jesus Easter, A

Help your family to appreciate the awesome, life-changing events of Easter with this 30-day devotional. These easy-to-lead devotions start by looking at Genesis and take us through the Old Testament to see how Easter was always part of God’s amazing

Live Lent: Care for God's Creation (Kids

God has given us a wonderful world to enjoy, but also to protect. #LiveLent: Care for God's Creation will help children and their families learn more about the amazing gift of God's creation and how we can care for it better. For the 40 days of Le

My Easter activity book

It's the countdown to Easter. There are 40 days to go until we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. In this book there are puzzles and codes, activities and crafts to help you remember the real reason for Easter - the fact that

My First Easter Colouring Book

ead and colour in the story of the First Easter from the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem to his return to heaven. The story of Easter is introduced at the beginning of the book for children and parents to enjoy together. Then simple phrases from the st

Quiet/Crazy Easter Day (padded), The

ou might think of the first Easter as a quiet, peaceful morning. But with all creation celebrating the risen Lord of Lords, it may not have been so quiet! The Quiet Crazy Easter Day imagines the crazy celebration that might have occurred when Jesus a

Very Happy Easter, A

This book is a bit different from others. In most books there is work for your eyes and ears. You look at the pictures, and listen to the words. But in this book, there is work for your face too! This fresh retelling of the Easter Story focuses on th