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You are Loved

A beautiful book ideal for a gift, Birthdays, Christenings, Holy Communions, Confirmations, Thanksgiving Ceremonies, and any special occasion. A wild, colourful, fun filled adventure through jungles, outer space and across swirling oceans. Then

You are Special

In the town of Wemmickville there lives a Wemmick named Punchinello. Each day the residents award stickers – gold stars for the talented, smart, and attractive Wemmicks, and gray dots for those who make mistakes or are just plain ordinary. Punchin

You are Special Anniversary Pop-up

In this heart-warming tale, Eli helps Punchinello understand how important he is - no matter what other Wemmicks may think. Children will learn a vital lesson - regardless of how the world sees them, they are special just as they are.

You are Special gift edition

This attractive gift book edition You Are Special features the story of Puchinello and the Wemmicks, also contains beautifull illustrations. If you've ever wondered 'What do others think of me?'If you've ever felt judged by the world.