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Superbook: The First Christmas DVD

oin the adventure as Superbook takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo to the hills of ancient Bethlehem. Witness Mary and Joseph's frantic search for lodging before their baby is born. Uncover a wicked plot that puts Jesus' family in danger. Experience the wonde

Superbook: The Last Supper DVD

During a Superbook visit to ancient Jerusalem, Chris learns that even though Jesus was famous, he was also humble and served others.

Superbook: The Ten Commandments DVD

Join the adventure as Superbook transports the children and their robot to the Sinai Desert, where they meet Moses, Aaron and the Israelites. Witness the wonder as God gives the Ten Commandments, see the disastrous consequences when people disobey...

Superbook: The Test! DVD

Superbook takes the kids on a journey to meet Abraham and his beloved son, Isaac.

The Chosen - Season one

Watched by over 50 million people worldwide and growing every day! A charismatic fisherman struggling with debt. A troubled woman wrestling with demons. A gifted accountant ostracised from his family and people. In this ground-breaking first season..

The ten week worship leader

'The 10 Week Worship Leader', a course which has run successfully at Holy Trinity Brompton for almost ten years, is now available for the first time as an interactive DVD. Taught by professional musician and guitar educator Simon Nelson, this ......

This changed everything

This Changed Everything: 500 Years of the Reformation celebrates the fruits of the Reformation while exploring difficult questions about the cost of division: Could schism have been avoided? Is there hope for reunification? What did Jesus really...

What's in the Bible

"Join VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer and a boatload of new friends on a groundbreaking journey through the world's most amazing book!"-