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Journey Continues, The

Caravan Bear once again hitches up Hector the horse to the brightly painted gypsy-style caravan and, with Whitby the dog and Christopher Rabbit, set off in search of new adventures. Enjoy Rabbit's storytelling from the Old Testament along the way....

Lion Kids Bible Comic

The Beano meets the Bible. Over 60 stories in comic strip style, from artists who broughts us the Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep cartoon strips. Having worked on Sesame Street, Transformers, Beano, Dandy and Marvel cartoons.

Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The

ntroducing the second book of the newly designed Narnia classics. Perfect for those seeking a contemporary take on The Chronicles of Narnia. The most loved of all the Chronicles, this wonderful tale can be enjoyed again and again. Lucy steps into the

Little White Horse, The

For children aged 8-13 The Little White Horse is a classic tale of fantasy and bravery A handsome keepsake story that will stay with young readers For a fleeting instant Maria thought she saw a little white horse with a flowing mane and tail, ....

Look inside the Bible life of Jesus

Travel through Bible lands and follow the story of Jesus, getting an illustrated aerial view of important places from the New Testament. Five fold-out maps visually detail both day-to-day activities and extraordinary events with descriptive narrative

Magnificent Amazing Time Machine,The

ake a deep breath. You're going on a journey back in time. Get on board the time machine that will take you back to the Cross and the beginning of time itself. This adventure hinges on God the Father's Plan to give his one and only Son to save sinner

Mary Jones and her Bible

Heartwarming, real life story of Mary Jones, a young girl living in rural Wales in the late 1700s. Mary was a popular girl who loved her parents, worked hard and was keen to learn but most of all she longed to have a bible of her own. But Mary knew t

Mystery of Pheasant cottage, The

Lucy has lived with her grandparents at Pheasant Cottage since she was a little girl, but she has dim memories of someone else. Who was it? What are her grandparents hiding from her? Lucy is determined to find the answers but it turns out to be ....

Nobody's dog

This book is about a six-year-old black boy who sees a dog alone in the park and ends up adopting it. His mum is a single mum. During the story they move from an apartment to a house, enabling them to adopt the dog, with the help of a Polish neighbou

Oliver's Secret

The day Clare moved in to her new house, the cat flap swung open and a big, black and white cat came walking through. The cat looked at Clare, and Clare looked at the cat. The cat seemed rather surprised to see her. It stood with one front paw lifted

Oscar's Wings

Oscar's Wings is an adventure about a Northern Saw-whet Owl born in captivity. Oscar longs for the day when he will be free from his enclosure and the cruel aviary owner, 'Miserly Shakes', to live among the birds of Mucklewood forest. The forest bird
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Rainbow garden

When Elaine leaves her home in London to stay with the Owen family in Wales, she feels miserable and left out. Then, trying to find the end of the rainbow, she discovers a secret garden which makes her decide that life in the country isn't so bad.