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Be victorious

When Jesus was tested in the wilderness, a significant part of the enemy's challenge was to tempt Him to doubt God's word and question His own identity.
£8.99 £6.29

Cross the Line

wenty high-profile footballers share their faith and reveal how it influences their lives, both on and off the pitch. The book offers a range of information and insights into strictly football matters, while also exploring the way .......
£9.99 £7.99

Desert Transformed, A

Do you feel like your life is a barren wilderness at the moment? At times, areas of our lives can become like a wilderness. Grief, bereavement, loss of hope, testing, anger, rejection and pain all play their part.
£8.99 £6.29

Fellowship - Bible reflections

Holy Habits is an initiative to nurture Christian discipleship. It explores Luke’s model of church found in Acts 2:42–47, identifies ten habits and encourages the development of a way of life formed by them.
£3.99 £2.79

For the love of lentil

When Sarah Moore and her husband Gary learned that they were expecting a baby, they thought their wait was over. After a long and challenging path to become parents, they felt certain their deepest prayers had been answered and they would soon ......
£6.99 £5.59

Give us this day: A 365 -day devotional

Simple but Powerful Devotions for Busy People In Give Us This Day, Herbert Lockyer created the perfect devotional for busy people. Each day includes a Bible verse and a simple paragraph that is powerful enough to refocus the reader's mind
£9.99 £6.99

Gold Silver & Precious stones

Rewards are at the heart of Christian truth, embracing every facet of our lives in Christ. Jesus promises us blessings, rewards, treasure in heaven and an inheritance, ruling and reigning with Him. In the epistles there is a rich vein of rewards.....
£9.99 £7.99

Infused with life

A timely challenge to rediscover God's gift of rest in the midst of our busy modern lives. In a stressful, task orientated life, the idea of rest is often reduced to a nominal notion of time off, which is too often pushed out of our busy schedules.
£9.99 £7.99

Live in Love

A revealing and inspiring memoir by Lauren Akins, the wife of country singer Thomas Rhett, offering inspiring guidance for anyone looking to keep romance alive, balance children and marriage, express true faith and live a life of purpose. Lauren....
£19.99 £13.99

Rations Challenge, The

Food waste, food banks, and enjoying seasonal produce are all popular topics in today's society. As some families struggle with not enough food to live on, others are challenged to consider how much food they are throwing away, and make the food that
£12.99 £9.09

Shades of light

"I was desperate. . . . I couldn't turn off the dark thoughts, no matter how hard I tried or how much I prayed. And then I spent a whole weekend in bed, and the crying wouldn't stop, and I got really scared.
£12.99 £9.09

Swords of silence The

In Hizen Province, Father Joaquim Martinez has been quietly tending to the life of his village – but his faith is about to be tested. When the country’s military dictator – the Shogun – outlaws Martinez’s religion, his and the villagers’ lives are th
£8.99 £6.29

Where is your treasure?

This little book, drawn from a series of articles published weekly in the Greenock Telegraph, a daily evening paper in Scotland, points the way to treasure that does not depend on who we are or what we own. It describes treasure that will last us for
£5.99 £4.19

Worthy of Trust

Trust is at the heart of our relationships and our beliefs, whatever these might be. How often do we seriously consider whether this trust is well-placed? Anthony Buckley imagines an encounter between a seeker and a more confident Christian believer;
£5.99 £4.19