Science and Faith

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Can Science Explain Everything?

Can Science Explain Everything? by John C Lennox

Cosmic Chemistry

Is the rigorous pursuit of scientific knowledge really compatible with a sincere faith in God? Building on the arguments put forward in God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God?, Prof John Lennox examines afresh the plausibility of a Christian theist

Let There be Science

Why is it that science has consistently thrived wherever the Christian faith can be found? Why is it that so many great scientists – past and present – attribute their motivation and their discoveries, at least partially, to their Christian beliefs?

Seven Days that Divide the World

Seven Days that Divide the World by John C. Lennox


I realise that THIS? is rather a strange title! So I thought, maybe it should be followed by a question mark? In a way, the question mark is the journey of discovery which this book describes. That’s because I want us to explore together the full....